Jane Sandwood


Strictly for Men- How Metrosexual Are You?

Dressing a Metrosexual in 2017 A metrosexual is very concerned with his wardrobe, his skincare routine, and his hair and might be considered to be ‘softer’ than the rugged image many macho men aspire to. He is not afraid to visit a salon for everything from a manicure to a massage and is well-versed when it comes to big-name fashion houses and current fashion trends. He is the epitome of a 21st-century man and he wears the label of a metrosexual male with pride. Although the term ‘metrosexual’ did not become widely-recognized until 2002 when journalist Mark Simpson used the term to describe soccer star David Beckham the term was already coined in 1994 when the very same Simpson used it to describe the single man with a fondness for beautiful clothing and grooming products. Metrosexual men are no longer scared to flaunt their fashion-forward personas and have been known to upstage their macho…