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Travel Essential to Make Your Travel Life Better!

 Review: Passport Holder by Urby When you are on the go of traveling all around the world, there are certain things you need, in order to make your travel much easier, smoother, and a lot more convenient. You need your travel essentials to be robust and secure. Through the years, I’ve tried dozens of products designed to equip my travel experience. In the time period, I realized that a passport holder is one of the most essential accessories to have as you can use it to store passports and other important documents safely while traveling. Without a passport holder, you definitely stand the risk of losing your passport when you need it the most. If you are a frequent traveler, it’s an ideal requirement for you. I am always on a lookout for good quality products with reasonable pricing. I could not find this rare combo in passport holders worth…

10 times Manushi Chillar proved that she was born to be a Diva.

Glamour never took a day off in Manushi Chillar’s world. Here is how: 1-For Chillar, Fashion always had two purpose : Comfort & Love. 2- Her not so casual friday look! 3- When Chillar took a trend and made her own. 4- A woman with a mind and a lady with a class. 5- Each day is a fashion page in Manushi’s World. 6- For Chillar, fitness is a way of life. 7-In a world full of trends, she has found a perfect way to remain classic. 8-For her, elegance never went out of Style. 9- She never fails to rock a minimal chic look. “Less is More”! 10- Did you just call her beautiful instead of hot? She didn’t only win the coveted Miss World 2017 title but she also won our hearts with her sheer intelligence, confidence and charm . She ended India’s dry spell at…