Anjali Dixit


6 Trendy Tops For 2017 That You Must Stack

Do you know what it is like to be a shopaholic? If you are a fashion enthusiast and love to shop at least in every month for your style up-gradation, then you know how it feels! Women’s love for their clothes and style statement is eternal. And you know how they feel when something is on the trend and they don’t have their stake on them. It feels heart tearing! Every girl squad will feel the same when you come to know that your peers have that same dress, which you haven’t bought but if it had been, it would have got you oodles of compliments. It’s always good to know the matter first! And here we are with a bunch of trendy tops for 2017 so that you can have them on track. And, why only tops? Well, tops are the basic picks of every woman and girl because…