Tattoos are definitely one of the trendiest ways we tend to define our authenticity through.

Not every tattoo would have a significant meaning but that face that we all find an identity in it is all that matters.

One can just not deny how minimalist tattoos are trending huge this season. Some of us do seek for simplicity and less complicated designs and we’ve found the right ones for them. We are here to show you some really cool designs before you plan to get inked. These designs might trigger the urge of getting a tattoo soon enough and WHY NOT?

1. The Birds Clan

It might be a cliched one but this is one of those tattoos one can never go wrong with. It has a versatile feel to it as it looks both pretty and hot depending on which body part it’s inked on.

2. The Wanderer

If you’re crazy about traveling then a minimalist tattoo would do no harm. You can try crazy designs, be it directions, maps or travel quotes as far as they define your wanderlust.

3. Seasons

Some of us have a crazy obsession with seasons and feel very dedicated to them. Being a summer person I know how badly I crave for it and then there are people who wait for the Oh! so cozy winters. If that’s what you love then why not get it inked in the quirkiest way.

4. Oh! So Sexy Rib Tattoos

These incredibly sexy tattoos are ones we’re totally drooling over. Get a minimal tattoo on your ribs and slay it with confidence as it super hot with deep cut tank tops. One can even carry it well with a crop top or on a bikini day.


5. Your Favourites On The Go!

Minimalist at it’s best is all we can say about this. Get inked with symbols or icons symbolizing your favorite T.V show or Movie or even a random pattern you can with.

6. Remember The Date

There are some days which we will remember all our lives and we have connect with it deeply – Why not get that inked as well. The Roman numbers look the best and have a very authentic feel to it.

7. Identify Yourself

We all have that one quote which keeps us going in life.One can totally agree that it gives us immense courage to deal with anything in life.It’s a great idea to have the quote motivating you throughout your life inked on your body.

8. The Peach Maker

It’s for all the peace lovers out there. We do end up seeing this one symbol on most of the street graffitis and modern art and it’s definitely not a bad idea to get it inked in the most minimalist way. It looks ultra cool!

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