Those cold lazy mornings to bonfire nights, only winter wardrobes can keep you warm. And tbt, those wardrobes are the most stylish ones. If you haven’t yet prepared your winter wardrobe, you better start NOW. Days are getting shorter and guys, you need to hit the roads with some worn warmth. Do not worry, if you are feeling baffled at the moment. Trust me! You won’t after this list, we have prepared for all the men out there!

Men’s Winter Style Guide: Winter Is Coming!

Winter wardrobes are not just about stylish lady furs, men also keep it all stylish and dap for the season of style. So here are these 7 winter essentials from out men’s winter style guide.

1) Flannel Shirt

Something warm and softer than the other shirts in your closet. Flannel shirts are love when it comes to men’s winter wardrobe. Cushy and cozy, what else do you want? You can choose the one with granddad collar and with some stripe game.

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2) Dark Washed Jeans

Every season demands different types of jeans. Cool light washed jeans for summers to deep and dark washed jeans for winters. If you are setting up your winter wardrobe do not forget to add some winter vibes with some wooly fabric and dark washed jeans.

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3) Beanie

When they came in, no man stepped back from owning ’em. They are comfy AF and stylish with no complaints. Pair them up with your casual look and see the difference it’ll add up to the whole look. Pick the woolen ones to stay warm!

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4) Trench Coat

From wearing them over the formal attire to keeping it ON a casual jeans and t-shirt look trench coats work everywhere. Pick some winter colors like grey, black, different shades of brown and tan for this ultimate winter wardrobe fashion staple. Also, try to go for the ones light in weight, they give a lil’ flowy touch to the whole look.

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5) Boots

Winter closets are not complete without winter boots. Pick the winter tones and if you don’t want a lot of them, always keep a brown pair of boots in your wardrobe. The color goes with all and yes! I am saying brown and not black as the first choice.

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6) Scarves

Scarves are not just a part of the accessory section in your wardrobe. They have become an essential these days. Pairing them with different looks add a lot to your style. You can go for neutral blues or grey striped ones. You can also pick some of the color striped ones to make it all cozy for your neck.

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7) Jackets

This one is something we all know. And, when we start shopping for our winter wardrobe, this is everyone’s first priority. From picking those parka ones to leather jackets, we all know how important jackets are for the winters. Try going for different styles of leather jackets. If you are the one with some built up structure or broad body type, try going for biker jackets or choose bomber ones, otherwise. You can also check checked woolen and patterned with a tint of shimmer jackets by Zara Man for the season.

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So, guys, these are the 7 winter wardrobe essentials for your glam season. Just add them to your closet and feel the difference they’ll add to your style game. If you have more essentials to add to our Men’s Winter Style Guide, then let us know by writing in the comment section below.




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