7 things you can steal from your boyfriend’s closet

On days when your closet doesn’t seem to have enough, consider scooping your man’s wardrobe. You probably haven’t ever thought of it, but here we give you 7 things you can steal from your boyfriend’s closet –

His Joggers-

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Not in a mood to wear pants?  No problem. Take out joggers from your boyfriend’s closet, pair it up with your favorite tee, a drool worthy backpack , a baseball cap and rest will fall into place. 😉

His T-shirt-

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Trust us on this, there’s nothing like a great over-sized T-shirt. Wear it with your button down or leather skirt with metallic sneakers. Complete the look by wearing shades.Men will want you and women will hate you. So, basically, you’ll kill it.

His Jeans-

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There’s a reason why it’s called boyfriend jeans, and maybe today you know why. There are innumerable ways to wear his jeans but our favorite pick is boyfriend jeans with a pair of heels. Just cuff the jeans at the ankles and you’re good to go.

His White shirt-

Things to steal from your boyfriend's closet - 4

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Women’s shirts are usually close-fitted so pulling off his shirt is refreshing and comfy. As it will be, most likely, over-sized on you, tuck it into a structured pair of shorts or wear it underneath your cocktail dress. Yes you might have stolen it from a guy, but it looks great when paired with girly items.

His Denim Jacket-

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Denim Jackets usually lend a casual vibe to any outfit, and an over-sized option from your man’s closet is downright. Make a maxi dress work for spring or fall by wearing it with a denim jacket or pair it with a lace dress to add a feminine touch.

His sweatshirt-

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There’s one thing we can’t seem to let go of: our boyfriends’ sweatshirts. They bring comfort to a whole new level and look so dapper. Pair his sweatshirt with ripped jeans, suede sneakers, handbag and fedora cap to nail that comfy and sass look. So if your boyfriend’s closet has one you like, then nab it for your next outing! 😉

His watch-

Things to steal from your boyfriend's closet - 7

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After boyfriend jeans, we discovered boyfriend watches which are having a moment right now. Layering doesn’t stop for us and that is why we consider layering his watch with bracelets. The big strap and dial laden with bracelets is just picture perfect.

So, girls give your look an instant boost by raiding your boyfriend’s closet. If you don’t have a boyfriend, well then, what are brothers for? 😛
So, out of the seven key items, which one would you choose first?
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