7 Gift Ideas to make this Valentine’s perfect for your Girl

With the Valentine’s week coming to a close, it’s time to make your loved one feel special. I know you do not need a particular day to tell someone how much they mean to you but  a little effort can bring them immense joy. This Valentine’s Day make your partner smile and cuddle you with love with these adorable gift ideas.

1. Wearable Nail Paint Holder

If your girl loves to pamper her nails and cannot do away with nail paints, this would be the perfect gift for her. Maybe you could go down on your knees, ask her to close her eyes and put it around her finger. Whether she’s shocked or surprised will be for you to see. 😛

wearable nail polish holder


2. Scootering in the Air

Soar high in the sky and mesmerize your loved one with charming aerial views. This air scooter will be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. You can get a customized message created on the ground for her. Take off on this flight of love and make it an unforgettable affair.

perfect valentine's gift


3. Heart in a Bottle

Remind your Lady Love how much you love her with this beating heart in a bottle. This is a romantic, moving and playful gift which will constantly remind her that somewhere, someone’s heart is always beating, just for her.

beating heart in a bottle


4. Diamonds

They are a girl’s best friends and hence, what could be a better choice? We sneak-peeped into the new PC Jeweller collection. Their trendy and elegant designs will  leave your partner spellbound. So, you can invest in these. The sassy collection from PCJ will get you the perfect piece and if you still feel confused about your choice, ask the experts at Styledotme.


5. Spa in a Bag

This will be one of the perfect gifts for her. Every girl wishes to relax after a hectic day and pamper herself. Hence, this present can never go wrong and is sure to bring a smile to your Valentine’s face.

Spa in a bag kit


6. A Perfect Valentine’s Dinner Date

Music in the air, champagne on the table, a bouquet of red roses, a candle light setting and your loved one beside you- nothing can be more perfect. Enjoy a romantic night with your lady love and cherish it for a lifetime. Many pre-planned deals are available online. Check out some here.

Romantic candle light dinner


7. Earring Bowl

Let your partner know that she’s beautiful and give her something to hold her favorite gems in. This hand crafted bowl will constantly remind her about the beauty in her life and also add utility to her life. It’s a wonderful gift if your girl loves to accessorize.

Earring bowl


It’s the season of love and it’s a beautiful feeling. Go ahead, plan a perfect gift for your partner and make them feel lucky to have you because being loved is the best feeling in the world. Also, never fail to express your feelings especially when you have the perfect opportunity.

Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime. :’)

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