7 Outfits for Mountain trip, You cannot afford to miss!

Planning a trip and confused about what to stack in your knapsack? Packing those perfect, out of the box outfits that will make your friends eye you with “retrospective sympathetic affections” is a herculean task. So, to make your task plain-sailing, here are seven in-vogue styles that will make everyone go gaga over you.


  • Denims can never be out of fashion! Ripped denim shorts clubbed with a t-shirt, a denim jacket and a woollen cap make a perfect combination for that trek to the Himalayas. Who knows… your Bunny might just spot the Naina of YJHD in you 😉


  • Quirkiness wrecks monotony and ponchos are a perfect example. Dress it up a bit with basic crisp sweater to adorn a perfect look. Simple boots and an exquisite belt will add more sparkle. This is certainly a show-stopper combination. Believe us when we say it, no one can stop you from being the hotshot of the gang!

Poncho look

  • With temperatures dipping to freezing levels, layering is all you need! Begin with the basic and go on to something glitzy. Complement it with tight-fit jeans for a complete look. To get hands on some amazing snaps, wear an open-hoodie over it.


  • Tired after last night’s trek? Can’t dress up anymore? A simple jeans-shirt-half jacket combination will do the trick. It never fails to impress and requires the least effort. A must go for quick-fix.

Casual look

  • “Money doesn’t buy elegance. You can take an inexpensive sheath, add a pretty scarf, gray shoes, and a wonderful bag, and it will always be elegant”, says Carolina Herrera and this perfectly defines how scarves can glam up a regular dress up. Pair up any casual outfit with a dazzling scarf and no one will be able to take their eyes off you. This is an easy-peasy pick, do not miss this!

stoles n scarfs

  • Low temperatures shouldn’t stop you from looking hot. Woollen skirts with matching sweaters and long boots form an impressive outlay for a lazy day on the trip. You could probably have a photo shoot in this exclusive ensemble!


  • With fusions trending, one can never resist it on such trips. Rusticity blended with the cosmopolitan culture forms an unparalleled look. A multi-coloured skirt, printed leggings, crop top, a knitted shrug and a woollen cap, this is an unbeatable combination. With this outfit, you can go fooling around the country or maybe pose like a solitary reaper without a care in the world.


Go ahead and start packing your bags! This is your chance to rack up super pretty pictures for your social media handles. So gear up, stand out and be all super-cool amongst your peachy keen gang. 😀


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