6 Self-Defence Tips That Every Women Should Take Note Of!

Let’s admit it. Late nights are the time when we feel an eery shadow following whether it’s real or not! These are the times we wish we had not been so lazy and taken up a self-defence class instead of eating and sleeping. But you don’t need to be a Karate kid to tackle your attacker if you ever are attacked.

Here are 6 basic self-defence tips that might be helpful!

#1. Be aware of your surrounding.

If you are alone and somewhere dark, better be aware of your surrounding. Another alternative is to be on a call with someone and giving them updates on your whereabouts. Otherwise, ditch the phone and unleash your inner James Bond.



#2. Scream for help.

Though you might feel a negotiation is a good option, do not try to talk your attacker out. Instead, cry for help. Do not let your fear silence you. Scream like you had an awful haircut!

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#3. Whatever is around is a weapon.

Use whatever you can get hold of as soon as possible as a weapon. It could be your spiked rings or your six-inch heels. Use it to hurt your attacker and gain yourself some time to run.

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#4. The spots to hit.

When your attacker comes straight at you, do not hold back. Do whatever you can to protect yourself. Jab him in his eyes, punch him in his nose or hit him in the groyne area.

scream queens self defence


#5. Run as soon as you get a chance.

As soon as you get a chance, run! Never wait for help in the same place. Run to the nearest police station or any public place where you could get some help. Make a call for help as soon as you get some place safe.

self-defence run

#6. Handbag essentials.

A woman’s bag has lots of important stuff. From makeup, money and all other necessary things like coupons and shopping cards. But you might also want to consider keeping some self-defence essentials like pepper sprays and stun guns. These could come in quite handy when you get into a bad situation.

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Well, I hope nobody ever needs to use any of these. But better be safe than sorry.

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