From the never-ending string of #ootd posts to finding the perfect color combos, we know how to be the true followers of our favorite fashion bloggers and celebrities. Whatever they wear is the next thing we wanna buy and style in the same way. And, the whole fashion game went up in heaps when the photograph singer, Ed Sheeran visited the style city, Mumbai. Curious to know how some of your favorite fashion bloggers and celebrities dazzled the foyer with their perfect outfits? We’ve got it spot on with these 6 names that showed some amazing concert style statements.

Get Ready For Some Major Concert Outfit Ideas!

Niki Mehra

This travel & fashion blogger walked in all set with the concert spirits. From divide tattoo to the art on her face, it all showed her love for Ed Sheeran. Talking about her outfit, the blogger wore a  black crop top along with crinkled gauze pants with plush tassels. From H2T, she was all dressed up in MISA. Have a look at the pictures to get some concert fashion inspiration.

Lopamudra Raut

You might not have imaged this name on the list. However, she amazed us with her little blue dress and ankle boots. Her hair was perfect enough to add an extra oomph to the whole look.

Mouni Roy

This one is my personal favorite. She was perfectly dressed to strike a pose with the perfect singer, Ed Sheeran. Okay! I know this is not the concert look, but her party appearance. But, wasn’t it worth sharing with you?

The whole black plunging bodysuit paired with a checkered wrap skirt and matching bolero jacket is worth mentioning for some style inspiration. And, just look at those black ankle length booties. She made the whole look sexy AF!

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Santoshi Shetty & Usaamah Siddique

You are not dressed right if you can’t feel cushy in that. And, when it comes to concerts, Santoshi Shetty & Usaamah Siddique showed us how to dress down to give all the concert vibes. From wearing suede gray shoes with a white t-shirt to topping up the basic look with a concert-ready black jacket, both of them looked casual & chic in the best possible way!

Image result for usaamahsiddique #edsheeran

P.S. That pizza created the whole game of craving for fans and casual feel for the picture.

Pooja Hegde

And here you are at the bottom of the list! But, this last beauty is definitely not the least. Pooja Hegde’s informal look is a perfect cut for the concert vibes. From those braids to the sneakers, her style was chic enough to make it to the list.

So guys, now you know what you need to wear for all the forthcoming concerts. Be it Taylor Swift ready to roll some of her crazy tracks or us hoping some Beyoncé moves, get inspired by these bloggers and B-town celebrities to always slay in style.


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