Summers are here so are our problems, from waxing, sweating and makeup being cakey. We struggle a lot in summers.

Here are six major problems we all face.

Summers means waxing arms and legs constantly

summer problems

I am sure we all hate shaving are legs every other day because it’s summer.

Makeup Melting

summer problems

You leave home with perfect makeup, and just 5 minutes in the heat you start sweating like a pig.


summer problems

Not being able to wear your hair down, because of neck sweat.

Constantly Pulling Up your Bra Strap

summer problems

A bra strap on a sunburn is one of the worst feelings.

Bikini ready? Not really

summer problems

After all the junk eating we have done in winters, I am sure most of us are not bikini ready.

Sweaty Legs


summer problems

We all know that feeling when you get stuck to the chair with sweat.

These were some of our most irritating summer problems. Tell us about your problems in the comment section below. 😀

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