5 fashion wardrobe essentials for every woman

Every wardrobe needs certain basics no matter whose closet it is! Your fashion game can never be won without these essentials in your wardrobe. Even every fashion expert on StyleDotMe  has the same thing to say. So without further ado let’s jump on to the ones in our list.

1. Basic White Shirt

fashion white shirt

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A basic white shirt not only looks classy but also serves as a saviour when we are super confused. It is considered as a super essential clothing for every individual.

2. Denims


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Shoes, pants, dress, shirts, you name it, Denims serve as a very versatile fabric. Casuals to dressing up, Denims are perfect for every style. However you can always ask the experts on StyleDotMe to guide you while shopping your basics.


3. LBD


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LBD or the Little Black Dress is almost a must  have for night outs . Every LBD looks very classy and no wardrobe can be complete without  it. It also accentuates figure and let those curves speak. Need we say more!

4. Striped T-shirt

striped tshirt

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Stripes are always in fashion and it ups a casual look very easily. My favourite is nautical stripe which looks super cool in any season and is much loved by the fashion community too. Need to dress it up , just add a blazer to it and you are good to go!


5. Blazer


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To add that dash of sophistication to your wardrobe a blazer is a major essential. There’s one for every season and every event. Basic black ones are a must have though!


These were the five basics or wardrobe essential for every woman. However if these essentials are already there in your closet and you wish to add more basics to your personal list, you can always refer to StyleDotMe for all your queries and even fashion advice! Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Until next time , keep it fashionable, always.


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