Seeing your girlfriend adding vibrant colours and exotic patterns to her looks? We know you guys are pretty much confused about this bohemian trend that every girl is going gaga over. But say no more guys because StyleDotMe has got the cure!
The summer season is a great time to change up your closet with outfits that are more relaxed, easy-going and not overly experimental. So, give a break to your modern, minimal and sleek aesthetic looks for a while and try these bohemian outfit ideas that would be ideal to wear at any music gala or a get-together.

1. The Classic-with-a-twist look

You know what’s better than the fake promises those deodorant advertisements make? This look. There’s no denying the fact that we girls like guys in formal attire but we even love it more when you experiment with it a little bit.
Pull off your tailored blazer over the top of your basic t-shirt, trousers and white slip-on. To add a bohemian touch, complete it with accessories such as a canvas tote-bag and beaded necklace.

Bohemian Outfit Ideas-1

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2. The Flower Power look

Quit your checks and stripes for a while and add some flower power to your closet. Pair up your floral print shirts with your chinos, denim or jeans. To pull off this style, you need to limit the use of it in any outfit.  Just be careful that if you’re wearing floral print, you have to tone it down with neutral colours. Always remember, a bohemian man would be nothing without his accessories. So, add a fedora hat to freshen up your overall bohemian look. 😉

Bohemian Outfit Ideas-2

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3. The Nonchalant Look

The bohemian look is inspired from freedom, freedom of thought and expression. The look demands for silhouettes that are relaxed, comfortable and casual for the wearer. Harem pants instantly add the effortless but dramatic edge. With a baggy silhouette at the hips and upper thighs and tapering at the calves, these pants mix well with almost everything in your closet. Just pull off your basic t-shirt with a simple neck chain and a leather backpack to complete the look. And Oh, don’t forget to spill a little bit of sass with those tassel loafers which are super trendy right now.

Bohemian Outfit Ideas-3

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4.  The Roving Look

As fashion’s pendulum is swinging back to hippie styles, we totally recommend this look for the one’s who just want to dress down and chill. Switch to same old striped pullover and pair it with chinos for an off-duty weekend look. Add some aesthetics to your look by wearing a simple black thread necklace. Unkempt and long hair goes best with these kinds of looks. Ain’t a total win-win situation guys? 😉

Bohemian Outfit Ideas-4

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5. The Maverick Look-

Remember the printed short kurta that your mum bought for you, which is till date kept in your wardrobe only? Well, it’s time for you to bring out that kurta. Nothing is more free-spirited than colourful prints and that is why this look gives the perfect bohemian dose that we have been trying to inject. Wearing sandals can seem to be bit weird but they are the classic footwear to finalise a bohemian look. This might look a little bit different than the above one’s but if you manage to pull it off together then we promise you’d make heads turn.

Bohemian Outfit Ideas-5

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So guys, out of these 5 bohemian outfit ideas which one would you try first? 😀
If you are getting stuck anywhere while trying the looks, then well, what’s StyleDotMe for?
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I am a creative fashion influencer showcasing a variety of fashion looks. Stylist, content writer, photographer, reviewer are some of the words that describe me.

I am a creative fashion influencer showcasing a variety of fashion looks. Stylist, content writer, photographer, reviewer are some of the words that describe me.

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