10 hacks you need to know to keep yourself cool this summer!

10 hacks you need to know to keep yourself cool this summer

It’s sticky, hot and humid outside like never before and it’s getting more and more difficult to get out of the house. When you actually go out your frustration levels rise up like Delhi’s temperature. So what to do? Worry not as I bring to you 10 hacks you need to know to keep yourself cool this summer!

Loose clothes is the key

Think of it as jazzing up your pyjamas into outfits. Yes, the fewer clothes you have touching you, the cooler is your body.

loose dress


Try forgetting the padded bra and befriend the soft bralettes

The thicker the layers, the more sweaty is your chest. Therefore, some lightweight barrettes can make summer a bit better for you.



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Lightweight but structured tops are preferred.

Light materials like cotton are favourable but, it is better if they have a structure like an embroidery or thick print or pin ups even, since, they will prevent it from sticking it to your body the minute you start sweating.

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Avoid beaded embroidery

They tend to weigh down your clothes making them stick to your body when you sweat. In addition, you can replace these by wearing similar patterns or prints.

beaded embroidery top


Keep a Hat or Scarf handy

These lightweight wonderful things will keep you away from direct contact with the sun. No rocket science here but people often forget this kinda stuff.

hat and a scarf


Another summer saving hack of a scarf

Wrap a small cotton scarf around your neck to absorb sweat and keep your hair from sticking on your neck.

cotton scarf


Try wearing unlined skirts or dresses

Lining in skirts and dressed is mostly synthetic and prevents the passing of air from your clothes thus, trapping you inside a synthetic bag.

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Replace your backpack or tote with a sling or handbag

A huge backpack or side tote can feel like carrying stones on a hot summer day. It’s the best time to clean out your bags of all unnecessary stuff and transfer the actual stuff to a sling or a handbag.

sling bag


Cover up maximum of your body

As much as you would like to believe otherwise covering up your body will protect you from skin damaging and rising body temperature. Hence, befriend sleeves this summer.

full sleeve top


Stick to light colours

Well, you all know this one. Light colours are cooler and dark ones are warmer. So, I recommend you keep a cooler palette this summer.

light coloured dress


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